Top 5 SEO Tools For Analysing Your Website

Before choosing a reliable SEO tool for your business, you need to understand the basic implementation of it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps a potent customer to find your products and services, with the help of keywords, key phrases, and many more unique codes.

As a business owner, having a website, it is imperative to maintain SEOs so that your services are found at a high rank when searched. You need citations, readily available locations, and well-linked sites to enhance the business. This article serves you as a guide to choosing the best SEO tools to analyze your website.

The below five SEO tools are best and useful to optimize your website, which can be profitable for your business.

Best SEO tools to optimize website:

  • SEMrush

One of the useful SEO tools for your site, which keeps the record of the people looking for a specific material, and sends the data back to you. It helps in maintaining records and also knowing about the demands from the customer side. SEMrush is so efficacious that it even records the strategy of your competitors, providing the same services and products of yours.


  • Gains data from other’s backlinks
  • Finds out the valuable and specific queries
  • Moz Pro

Similar to SEMrush, this SEO tool is a combination of several suites. Moz Pro is a bit more technical than most of the tools, as it helps to keep knowledge of your competitions without using difficult keywords. It also gives you a distinct edge above others by which you can know about the most searched key phrases and keywords.


  • Easy access to searched keywords by the customers
  • It can compare several keywords with the help of custom lists
  • Google Search Console

It is a cluster of services that enables you to understand the workings of a search engine of your website. It is regarded as the most used SEO tools that have a broad array which helps your business to prosper. Google Search Console also detects the crawling error on your website and works on it for further use.


  • Helps in monitoring the website by Google
  • Detect errors in meta tag as well as site maps
  • Looks after your site’s backlinks
  • Buzz Stream

It is a collection of tools that helps in domain research, management of products and services, and also Email marketing. Buzz Stream is a platform where you can find several tools that is beneficial for business. This SEO tool provides each website that includes overall rankings, domain authority, and many analysis tools


  • Renders information about competitor’s ranking in SERPs.
  • Helps in tracking the social accounts of your competitions.
  • Ontolo

The primary job of this SEO tool is to find ways that be profitable for your business. It increases your website’s traffic, irrespective of the keyword research. This tool helps to upgrade your website’s authoritative by using the backlinks of your business.


  • It collects a considerable amount of data to find out the genuine prospects
  • It enables others to see your opportunities easily
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